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Seven Leaf Genetics Flora Kush Reg 10 pk


Lineage: ROYAL KUSH #7 BX2

Flowering Time: 9 Weeks

This strain was born from a long line of authentic landrace strains, including Hindu Kush, Highland Afghani, and an Afghan Indica giving it a pedigree that cannot be questioned.

The flower clusters are consistently dense and well-formed like pinecones.

In stock

In stock


The resin production is uniformly copious. Many of the phenotypes exhibit at least some mild purple coloration on the tips of the forest-green calyxes, further contributing to the already-stellar jar or bag appeal.  Most plants are somewhat stocky with average vigor, but the standout phenotype that was especially short, small, and slow-growing. 

Flora Kush tastes profoundly fuel-like, coating one’s mouth long after smoking in a sour, kerosene-like flavor.  It’s reminiscent of Sour Diesel but more intense and with more complexity.  After the exhale, sweet and sour flavors of plum and grape manifest in the background.  Occasionally, there is a berry-jam sweet flavor that delicately finds its presence.  It has a strong and delightful skinniness that hangs on the palate as well, the flavor that has always been classically associated with high-quality cannabis.