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Skunk Really Works Sky Funk Reg 12 pk


Sky Funk 
Jet Fuel x Gorilla Road Kill 

In stock

In stock


Fly high with Sky Funk! Expect a rush of gas and sour skunk flavor.  I used the original G6 cut which comes from Colorado and its lineage includes Aspen Kush as well as Original Sour Diesel. I took this elite clone and crossed it with my Gorilla Roadkill male stud.  It’s the Diesel part of its heritage that earned it the nickname “Jet Fuel” while it’s the G13 part of its heritage that earned this pheno the G6 designation. Her pungent aroma is characteristic of the best Diesel strains in the world. Believe it or not, this strain was selected for B-Real’s brand which was then named after the strain itself.  Gorilla Roadkill x Aspen OG (SFV OG Kush x (Original Sour Diesel x G13 Haze) x High Country Diesel (Original Diesel x East Coast Sour Diesel)