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Skunk Works Chocolate Orange Roadkill Fem 8 pk +4 freebies


Type: Indoor/ Outdoor

Yield: Large

Height: Medium Tall 

Flowering Time: 60-70 days. 

Genetics: Indica Dominant 

Flavor: Oranges, smells of burnt rubber, cat litter box, gym locker, onions, garlic, and earth 

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In the realm of sweet confectionery delight there lies a tale of flavors, both dark and bright. Embrace this curious chocolate orange fusion, for it’s a delicacy that defies all conclusion. In its unconventional charm, you’ll find a  roadkill of flavors that will surely excite. A collision of flavors that create a treat that invokes both joy and delight. I acquired Road Kill Skunk directly from  Alaskan Canna Cache. Heime Cheeba preserved Road Kill Skunk for nearly 40 years.  In June 2022 James Schenk AKA Heime Cheeba died in a tragic motorcycle accident. I am very sadden by this and wish all of James relatives and friends much condolences. This strain was open pollinated using numerous males while James had it. Therefore it will exhibit a few phenos. All a bit different but all along the same road kill lines.