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Skunk Really Works Meat Mansion Reg 12pk


 Skunk #1 x Gorilla Glue x Triple OG x Black RoadKill Deadmeat Landrace  **Stanky Skunk Lovers**

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Expect giant yields. Together these two cultivars are compounding the foul stench being sought after in today’s industry. Be the first to grab this limited edition release!

Classic Skunk #1 x Black Road Kill. This cultivar comes directly from Afghanistan. The breeder is Taden Khan from Afghan Landrace Seeds. You’ll probably not find much info on this strain. When you’re getting original landrace gear it’s not been tried by many or written up so this is for those searching for traditional landrace genetics from Afghanistan. Growers in Afghanistan do a male selection and leave only the best males in the field to pollinate all the females. When the growing season is over they can identify the best females and then select the seeds from them.


Black Roadkill is a much taller monster. Huge colas and dense smells of rotting meat. According to Taden this cultivar stinks like rotten meat. Strong odors and tall thick colas. This line features a variety of pheno types but they all exhibit the more rotten and funky side of the terpene family. These plants will get tall and have a good amount of stretch when pushed into flower. Expect large plants with even larger yields and get ready to get your stink on!