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Skunk Works 95 Skunks Fem 12pk


95 Skunk (Feminized) Chem Dog x I-95 x Mandarin Cookies x Road Kill Skunk
Type: Indoor/ Outdoor
Yield: Large
Flowering Time: 60-70 days.
Genetics: Indica Dominant
Flavor: Peaches, citrus, smells of burnt rubber, cat litter box, gym locker, onions, garlic, and earth

In stock

In stock


In the land where peaches bloom so sweet, a skunk struts with grace upon his feet.With stripes of darkness, a scent so strong, a curious dance, they both belong.Together they meet, peaches and skunk, in a delicate dance, a symbolic conk. A tale of contrasts, of beauty and surprise. In harmony they exist, beneath hues of gold. From branch to basket, a farmer’s show piece. I acquired Road Kill Skunk directly from  Alaskan Canna Cache. Heime Cheeba preserved Road Kill Skunk for nearly 40 years.  In June 2022 James Schenk AKA Heime Cheeba died in a tragic motorcycle accident. I am very sadden by this and wish all of James relatives and friends much condolences. This strain was open pollinated using numerous males while James had it. Therefore it will exhibit a few phenos. All a bit different but all along the same road kill lines.