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Skunk Works Skunk Breath Reg 12pk


Hollywood Skunk x Garlic Breath x Brandywine x Blackberry x Skunk #1. **Stanky Skunk Lovers**

In stock

In stock


I selected the strains to create a beautiful plant with heavy resin production and a Roadkill skunk scent. Garlic Breath with Seattle  Cup winner Brandywine. The female is a winning combination of exotic Blackberry and the omnipotent skunk #1 which brings the halitosis expression even further, and you can see this one reminds me of a fire-breathing skunk. Hollywood Skunk. Hollywood Pure Kush, also known as “HPK,” is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created as an OG Kush cut from the Hindu Kush mountains. Hard to find outside of California, Hollywood Pure Kush is a favorite HPK was crossed with a north Indian landrace by Tom Hill called Cry Baby Skunk making Hollywood Skunk. Mold resistant, fast growth, early finish. Giant bushy plants.