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SOFEM Lemon Skunk Gas Auto Fem 3 pk


Brand: SoFem Genetics
Breeder: Martin Wuest
Plant Type: Autoflower
Strain: Indica
Feminized: Yes

In stock

In stock


Lemon Skunk Tangie is a very easy-to-grow cross of our Blood Lemon Skunk and GG4 Tangie and is a definite improvement to the GG4 Tangie. She is still leaning toward Tangie terps but with lots of the lemon and loud coming in from the Blood Lemon Skunk. Averaging 4-5oz per plant in 5 gal buckets, she finishes in 85-90 days from seed. Lemon Skunk Tangie is stable, without much phenotype variance, and can be grown in high-yield gardens and greenhouses with excellent results.