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SOMA Seeds Lavender OG Fem 3 pk


Lavender x Soma’s cut True OG Kush
Min yield 35-40 grams

Indica 70 % Sativa 30%

In stock

In stock


Back in the late nineties, Soma did a lot of different breeding experiments and one of the plants Soma came up with was Soma Skunk nr 10. The more people that try the genetics the leaves turned black and purple. Soma changed the name to Lavender. In 2005 this strain won first prize at the Hightimes Cannabiscup and Amsterdam and after that, it’s a multiple-prize winner (Spannabis 2017).

Soma has an old friend who loved to grow the Lavender. He did always a very good job at it. Our friend Joe reversed a female True OG Kush plant that we have had for some time. And he came up with a new cross that we really like. It has a special taste.

It makes Soma connect in a way with Joe who passed away a few years ago in a real heartfelt way and makes us smile this cannabis. It is not really hard to grow. If you supercrop the main top the side tops follow very quickly. It makes a very nice hash: very terrine-rich lavender and OG flavor.

At the Clouds in the City Cup in Amsterdam, this strain won third prize for best indica and during the Clouds in the City Cup, we won 2nd place for best water hash.