SOMA Seeds Lavnesia Fem 3 pk


Amnesia Haze x Lavender #1
Min yield 40-50 grams
40% indica 60% sativa

9-10 weeks

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This is one of our latest hybrids and was launched in feminized seed form in 2020. A friend of ours in California made this similar cross but exchanging the genetics was difficult so we decided to make this cross here in Amsterdam.

One of our most indica strains and one of our most sativa strained combined give a head and body buzz. It is a strain that brings you complete relaxation and is well-balanced. When Soma smoked this strain for the first time he said: this is our next winner. We will enter this in one of the next competitions.

This strain grows medium to tall and is very easy to grow. It needs 9 to 10 weeks of flowering. It is very high in THC and she got great terps. This strain is ideal also for making water hash or rosin because of its terpene profile and big trichomes.