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SOMA Seeds SoPurple Fem 3 pk


SO G Kush x Purple Haze
Min yield 30-40 grams
80% indica 20% sativa

7-9 weeks

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Our friends from a local coffee shop crossed their three-way Purple Haze with an SoG Kush. The result of this combination is a very surprising gift. Huge, resin-covered flowers are produced by this strain. The smell of the flowers is very berry for the pinkish phenotype and spicy for the purple phenotype. We made our own selection from seed and found the one that is exceptional.

The SoPurple plant is pure eye candy. Expect huge plants outdoors with a lot of coloring, ranging from pink to green to purple, and very complex aromas of blackberries, haze, and vanilla. Indoors some phenos are ready after 7 weeks of flowering. Easy to grow and maintain!

The parents come back strong in this plant, you will have a lot of joy working with this plant. This is a limited seed drop, so be quick to get some of these seeds before they run out.