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TreeTown Seeds Afghan Haze Reg 16 pk


Type: 50/50 Hybrid
Flowering Time: 70-77 Days
Indoor Height: 4-5 ft
Yield: 400 g/m2

Afghan Haze – (Sensi Seed-Afghani#1 x Flying Dutchmen-Orignal Haze)

In stock

In stock


 This has been on the to-do list since conception. The two classic icons of canna the classic Sativa meets the immortal Indica. We used our female Original Haze with our steadfast Afghani #1. We wanted to create a hash-flavored version with a mix of the haze’s spice. Also, keep the flowering time down along with the vertical and lateral growth known for the pure haze crosses.

 Our Orginal Haze is a “green pheno” haze and has trichome growth everywhere leaf to bud with extremely tight internodes. The flavor is a classic sandalwood spice. This encapsulates the haze known flavor and is the most common version. Ours went 14 weeks but breed to mostly 10 weeks to all of its crosses like its male haze counterpart. The female haze parent transfers flavor where its male haze counterpart did not.

 Our Afghani #1 from Sensi Seed perfectly exemplifies an Afghan. Grew compact long bat cola of lavender flower hash. Just like the hash our breeder smoked in the early 90s from a freshly broken brick of gold-sealed blonde afghan hash brick. The pairing went more than well and married the two strains seamlessly.

 Outdoors this cultivar will harvest from late November to early December and you should expect 68-76 days indoors. Being a haze, it tolerates heat very well, thrives in it, and has a low fertilizer uptake of 1200ppm peak. You will get varying flavors from both parents but growth will be similar except for vertical growth. Bud’s structure is airier then the Afghani #1 parent but is not spacey like the haze. It forms a long connecting cola so the topping is not advised. As well as having a 200% growth after the flower needed for a long flower can be avoided. It deals with whatever we threw at it so for a beginner this is a great haze introduction. Bag appeal with the large trichomes and amazing adult cannabis smell that will take any oldtimer back all the way through the early 70s.

 Such a classic combo, all we have to do is drop the mic.