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TreeTown Seeds King Cake Reg 10 pk


Wedding Cake x P13
Type: 50/50 Hybrid
Flowering Time : 64 Days
Indoor Plant Height:  3-5 ft

Cake King – (Wedding Cake x Project 13 F1)

In stock

In stock


 We are Wedding Cake fans. The problem was the volume and the growth rate is slow. So we put it together with a Project 13 male to boost the girth of the colas and step up the growth rate. The matching to the Project 13 male also added some of its cherry fruit flavor which lead to a gas fruit combination. Easy to grow, more volume than the Wedding Cake parent, and with an added fruit layer to the mix. This is an LTD cultivar meaning once these are gone we will not reproduce them again. So for all you cake lovers, this is the TreeTown version of a Cake and quite possibly the last one.
This harvests in mid-October and indoors finishes around day 64. Very gland heavy and is a tightly compact bud structure. This stretch is about 120% so flowering at 16″ is common for us. At first, then make up a node length in the bud by end of harvest. Being heavy eaters we feed ours at 1400ppm at peak. Phenos vary but are mostly uniform 50/50 blend of both parents but leans twords Wedding Cake. The Leaf to bud ratio on these follow the Wedding Cake parent of 10:1 and up. Some needing very little trimming. They can get PM like the Wedding Cake Parent but the tendicny throught the Project 13 has been curbed slightly. We found cultivars of Cake King that we found better then Wedding Cake and inturn has replaced our Wedding Cake mother.
A true Cake King.