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TreeTown Seeds LemonHeadz Fem 12 pk


Super Lemon Haze x Pink Hair Runtz
60/40 Sativa Dominant
Flowering Time: 63 Days
Indoor Plant Height :  4 ft

In stock

In stock


LemonHeadz – (GHS-Super Lemon Haze “Franco’s cut” x Runtz)

Everyone’s absolute favorite out of our Runtz line, sweet meets lemon tang. Absolutely a bonfire cultivar. We wanted to create a slapper what better place to start than SLH!?

 Our Super Lemon Haze, where to start… We received the cut from that was received from Greenhouse Seeds. “Francos cut” is a regular version of SLH before they are fem’d it. It then cut they used to breed SLH. Like all big boosts, we took it with a grain of salt. When we grew it, that changed. It is thee most legit SLH since our breeder had it in ’92 from a grower who bought GH seed direct before the fem days. A exactly match. Hands down a great cut and breeds extremely well with most of what we put it with.

 The Runtz also is the best version of Runtz we have found. We went through more then one to arrive at our choice of our cut. Its what we reversed to get the cross.
These finish outdoors from late September to late October and indoors 56-70 days depending on the pheno. Bud structure is more airy then tight and will contain huge amounts of glands even out to fan leaves. The flavor follows the Super Lemon Haze profile and grows tall so flipping at 12″ is key. Huge buds and volume should be expected from these. 

 For anyone who likes Super Lemon Haze, Bullseye!