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TreeTown Seeds Project 13 F2 Reg 16 pk


Type: 50/50 Hybrid
Flowering Time: 60-65 Days
Flavor: Fruity
Heavy Yield
Good bud to leaf ratio

In stock

In stock


For this project, we wanted to focus on CBN and CBD, from the Harlequin, and balance it with our AK-47. 
Super easy to grow. A snap, and perfect for a beginner. For the best results DO NOT PINCH. These grow perfectly straight from seed, with intense light like suggested.

The Harlequin had a tough time producing volume and providing vigor. The AK male made up for that. We did have a 90+ Gm plant. On average the weight was heavy. Many averages around 60-70 Gm. Our spacing suggestion is 5-9 for 16 sqm. They do require a bit of room, due to the mass of the bud sites. Some phenos exhibited more AK traits that made them perfect for SOG and had more CBD in them.

The Flavor ranges from fruity to skunky. Each has a slightly bit different flavor. We did not fully pin down the pedigree of the Harlequin clone we received, but it looks like it has some interesting backgrounds. We knew crossing it with the AK would “lift” some of the genetics from the backgrounds of both.