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Twenty20 Mendocino Snowblower F2 Fem 6pk


Snowblower Description:

Type: Sativa Dominant

  • Lineage: Snowblower #1 (Sour Snow x Glue Sniffer) x Snowblower #2

In stock

In stock


  • Lineage: Snowblower #1 (Sour Snow x Glue Sniffer) x Snowblower #2

    We use the classic “lineage” protocol with the parents listed in order of female first and male (or pollen donor) second.

  • Filial Generation: F2

    This expresses the filial generation of the cultivar. IX refers to In-cross which is used to categorize two close relatives that have been bred together. S1 is used for “selfed” plants in which we reverse a clone onto itself

  • PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index):  Low

    This is a classification system we have developed to provide cultivators with information regarding the amount of phenotypic variation that should be expected. Simply put, this describes the uniformity or lack thereof. The PVI index is calculated with a formula using a variety of observed traits. Although the formula we developed outputs a quantitative number between 1 and 10, we publish the results in a qualitative format. The qualitative parameters are: Very Low, Low, Below Average, Average, Above Average, and High.

  • Indoor Flower Time: 64 -68 days

    This represents the expected flowering time from the first day of light cycle adjustment to the flowering cycle. This parameter was developed for guidance on indoor cultivation only. For outdoor cultivation please see “Outdoor Harvest Date”.

  • Outdoor Harvest Date: Early – Mid-Oct

    This represents the approximate harvest date. The ripening date can vary slightly throughout different climate zones and growing conditions.

  • Trellising Requirements:  Above average

  • Height/Stretch: High

    This is the term often used to describe the amount of growth that occurs after flowering has commenced.

  • Yield Index (per sf): High

    This is the yield you would expect relative to other varieties grown in the same conditions at the same time. We use the terms “below average, average, above average and high

  • Color: Green

    Usually green or purple or both.

  • Nose: Earthy gas with hints of citrus

    This category is subjective and not based on quantitative data. * The higher the PVI the more variation in aroma you should expect.

  • Notes: Parental lineage was hunted in a large outdoor pheno hunt in Northern Michigan.  This is a rock-solid cultivar for outdoor farms and a fantastic selection for hash production