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Twenty20 Mendocino Autowreck Auto Fem 6 pk


Lineage/Origins: Trainwreck, X-Factor

Type (Indica/Sativa): Sativa Autoflower

Filial Generation:  F4

PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index): low

The first sign of flower in days:   25-30 days from sprout

Total life cycle in days:   80-95 days

Height:   tall

Yield Index (per sf): above average

Color: green

Aroma/Nose: Pine needles, skunk, cat piss, lemon, lime, pepper

In stock

In stock


Notes: This was a project we started several years ago as an attempt at creating an auto-flower version of the classic TW Arcata cut. We used X-Factor as the donor to incorporate the auto-flower gene and the project turned out to be a phenomenal success. This is a near-perfect replica of the original Trainwreck that we have been growing for over two decades. She grows fast and can get quite tall but holds herself up much better than the photoperiod version.