Twenty20 Mendocino Biscauto Fem Auto 6 pk


Lineage/Origins: Biscotti, Dark Nose Candy

Type (Indica/Sativa): Feminized Autoflower, Indica dominant

Filial Generation: F4

PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index): Low

The first sign of flower in days: 25-30

Total life cycle in days: 80-90

Height:  Above average 

Yield Index (per sf):  Above average to high

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Color: many phenos ripen to a beautiful light purple color

 Aroma/Nose: Sour grapes on the front with a Pound Cake body and a subtle orange-candy finish.  Carries a deep earthy turpentine smell from the Biscotti.

Notes: Great all-around auto cultivar for Indica lovers.  The plants get large and sturdy.  Takes well to early topping.  She reacts well to defoliation but be careful not to do it too early in flower.