Twenty20 Mendocino Cali Couture Fem 6 pk


    Lineage: Smell of Success x Snow-G

    Type: Indica/Sativa mixed ratio

    Filial Generation: (S1) 

    PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index): Low to below average

    Indoor Flower Time: (in days): 60-66 days

    Outdoor Harvest Date: Late Sept to early Oct

    Trellising Requirements:  Average

    Height/Stretch: Average to above average

    Yield (per sf):   Above average

    Color: Green with shades of purple to full purple

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    Nose:  SUPER gassy, ripe melons and berries, skunky, diesel

    Tips from the grower: Plants grow fairly aggressively and get quite large and frosty.  This is a fantastic choice for outdoor gardens as both of the parents are formidable outdoor cultivars.  

Notes: This cultivar was developed in order to add some “funky” terps to our most impressive outdoor strain, Snow-G.  The mix was perfect, we then hunted a winner in an outdoor garden and created the S1 seeds by selfing the winning phenotype #H5.