Twenty20 Mendocino Curve Breaker Fem 6 pk


Lineage: Ave of The Giants #33 x The Whip! Type: Indica dominant Filial Generation: (F2) PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index): Low to below average Indoor Flower Time: 58-64 days Outdoor Harvest Date: Early Oct Trellising Requirements: Minimal Height/Stretch: Low to below average Yield (per sf): Average to above average Color: Purple with shades of green to full purple Nose: Sweet, anise, skunk, cloves, fuel  Tips from the grower: Great outdoor cultivar with the perfect structure. Topping not always necessary as she tends to produce plenty of lateral branches. Notes: Ever since the Ave of The Giants was released, we have had an outpouring of requests to breed with the genetics. We hunted two winning phenotypes (#B25 and #B7) from an outdoor garden in N. California and bred them together to make these outstanding F2 seeds. This is a great choice for the terp lovers who enjoy true connoisseur grade flower.

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