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Twenty20 Mendocino Go-Go Auto Fem 6 pk


    Lineage/Origins: Bad Girl, White Tahoe Cookies, Glue Sniffer

    Type (Indica/Sativa): Indica Dominant

    Filial Generation: F4 

    PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index): Below Average

    The first sign of flower in days:   20-25 days

In stock

In stock


   Total life cycle in days: 78-88

    Height: average to above average  

    Yield Index (per sf): above average

    Color: mostly green but occasionally develops a bluish to light purple color

    Aroma/Nose: Botanicals of juniper and lavender; sweet but spicy. Hints of savory green onions, fumes, and gassy undertones. Though rare, some will express a grape candy flavor and aroma.

    Notes: Go-Go was a product of trying to recreate Bad Girl in auto-flower form.  The project veered off course but the results were nonetheless spectacular.