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Twenty20 Mendocino MMXX F2 Fem 6 pk


Filial Generation: IX, F1 (Legacy), F2 

PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index): Low

Indoor Flower Time: 58-68 days

Outdoor Harvest Date: Oct 1 – Oct 10

Trellising Requirements:  Low, but most plants respond well to training.

Height/Stretch: Average

Yield Index (per sf):  Above Average 

Color: Bright Lime-Green 

In stock

In stock


To bring you the next generation (F2) of MMXX we carried out one of our biggest hunts on record. After sprouting over 400 MMXX F1 seeds and selecting through each we found the MMXX #18 and MMXX #48 to be the perfect pair for the job. The MMXX #18 is the frostiest plant since Sour Snow herself and carries a rich, full, classic funk that lingers even after you’ve left the garden. And the MMXX #48 swells to the day of harvest, providing ample surface area for mature resin production. Both selections produce an unbelievably viscous resin packed into capitate-stalked heads for hashers’ dream plants. This is the next generation of MMXX. This is the next generation of Twenty20.

Nose: Heavy earthy tones with pungent jet fuel fumes and a noticeable deep undertone of overripe berries.   

Enomous Potential

Tips from the grower: Give her plenty of root space, especially in outdoor gardens. Be careful with heavy feedings as they may cause lockout issues. Although she is inherently bushy, topping MMXX will ensure a nice even bouquet of big colas.