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Twenty20 Mendocino MSG (Mendo Skunky Garlic) Auto Fem 6 pk


Lineage/Origins: Biscotti, Strawberry Kush

Type (Indica/Sativa): Feminized auto-flower,  Indica Dominant

Filial Generation: F3

PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index)  Below average

The first sign of flower in days: 25

Total life cycle in days: 78-85 days

Height: above average

Yield Index (per sf): above average to high

Color: most phenotypes fade to purple

In stock

In stock


Aroma/Nose: Garlic, sulfur green onions, savory and fumy

Effects: TKO.  Super potent and narcotic

Notes:  The smell and flavor of these beasts are really out of this world.  After handling fresh buds your fingers smell like you have been cutting fresh garlic.  The buds grow fast and get huge and dense!