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Twenty20 Mendocino Ogreberry Auto Fem 6 pk


Lineage/Origins: Ogreberry King Band

Type (Indica/Sativa): Indica Dominant

Filial Generation:   F4

PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index) very low to low

The first sign of flower in days: 23-28

Total life cycle in days: 72-82

Height: below average to average

Yield Index (per sf): above average

Aroma/Nose: fruity, gym socks, overripe strawberries, grapes,  raspberries 

In stock

In stock


Miscellaneous notes and bulletins: Almost a perfect replica of our long-time favorite local Mendo variety called Ogre Berry King Band. The buds get large and have an indescribable melange of aromas akin to a long-forgotten bowl of fruit salad left in the trunk after a long weekend