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Twenty20 Mendocino Queen of Diamonds Fem 6 pk LIMITED


Lineage: Bubbawhip A17 x MMXX #48
Type: Indica Dominant
Indoor Flower Time: 60-65
Outdoor Harvest Date: Early to mid Oct
Yield (per sf): above average
Nose: sour, skunky, jet fuel, lavender, and vanilla

In stock

In stock


Filial Generation: F1, IX
PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index): Below Average

Trellising Requirements:  average
Height/Stretch: below average

Color:  mostly green with potential for purple when grown outdoors
Solventless extraction potential: high, super sandy trichomes, long stalks, dense coverage. 

Tips from the grower:  Overall this is a fun and easy strain to grow.  The plants hold themselves up well but they can require support for the tops as they ripen.  

 Overall she stays tame and is easy to handle. Great for low headroom scenarios as you aren’t going to get intense stretching during the flower cycle