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Twenty20 Mendocino Smell of Success Fem 6 pk


    Lineage: Great Success x Sour StrawburieD

    Filial Generation: F2, S1

    PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index): Low

    Indoor Flower Time: 60-70 days

    Outdoor Harvest Date: Late Sept to Early Oct

    Trellising Requirements: Below average

    Height/Stretch: average

    Yield (per sf):  Average

    Color: almost always ripens purple

In stock

In stock


  Nose:  ripe strawberry, purple grape candy, gasoline

    Tips from the grower:  Fantastic early ripening outdoor variety.  She does well in gardens with restricted sunlight and appears to have a formidable resistance to pests and pathogens.  

    Notes:  Smell of Success in an absolute frost bomb with one of the most complex terpene profiles in our lineup.  This is a perfect blend of fruit and gas; the hashy, fruity flavor comes through with all of its complexity from the first toke to the last!  To bring out her full potential be sure to give the flower a good cure.