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World of Seeds Afghan Kush x Skunk Fem 7 pk


Genetics: Afghan Kush x Skunk Type: 100% Indica Flowering Time: 45-55 days Yield: 400-450gr/m2 Good Potential

In stock

In stock


“Owing to her elevated levels of production, which is the result of crossing our own Afghan Kush, a 100% indica strain which comes from kush strains grown in a small area of northern Afghanistan in the Hindu Kush mountain range, with the mythical Skunk#1, which was the first real indica-sativa hybrid comprising Afghan, Mexican and Colombian genetics and which changed the face of cannabis culture across the globe; Afghan Kush x Skunk is highly valued for her  properties. Stunningly exuberant, this plant can reach 2m and is characterized by the density of its buds that are covered in beautiful resin glands. Get ready to learn the true meaning of hybrid vigor. “-World of Seeds **The yield of any crop, including hemp, can vary depending on factors such as the variety of the plant, growing conditions, farming practices, and weather conditions.