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World of Seeds Kilimanjaro Fem 7 pk


Genetics: Kenyan Sativa
Type: 100% Sativa
Flowering Time: 60-70 days
Yield: 350gr/m2
Good Potential

In stock

In stock


“An early flowering, pure African Sativa from the Kenyan slopes of Kilimanjaro, this strain is the result of generations of crossbreeding by the native population though she’s since been stabilized to improve some of her properties, such as resin production while leaving her main qualities and taste intact. The natives call her “the elephant flattener” and use her in their religious ceremonies and for hunting. One of the best strains for growing outdoors or in greenhouses, she produces solid buds even under adverse conditions, has a pleasant citrusy taste, and is very strong. Very branchy structure and a vigorous grower, she may grow taller than 2.5m high, resulting in very good resin yields.”-World of Seeds