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World of Seeds Strawberry Blue Fem 7 pk


Genetics: Strawberry/New Blue Line Type: 75% sativa / 25% indica Good Potential Flowering Time: 60 to 70 days Yield: 350-450 gr indoor / 350-500gr outdoor

In stock

In stock


“This strain is a cross between two genetics whose taste and aroma alone make them top choices for many growers. A selected specimen from the spectacularly tasting Blue family crossed with the fruity Strawberry resulted in a mainly sativa strain but with a short flowering cycle. She produces long branches, making her ideal for SCROG or SOG systems although care is required in SOG systems to control the height.”-World of Seeds

**The yield of any crop, including hemp, can vary depending on factors such as the variety of the plant, growing conditions, farming practices, and weather conditions.