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Resin Seeds Sour P Fem 5 pk


Genetics – Sour Diesel x Amnesia Haze
Indica/Sativa – 45/55
Good Potential

Flowering – Interior 10-11 weeks / Exterior October
Yield – Interior 400gr per m2 / Exterior 300-500 gr per plant

In stock

In stock


Sour P seeds from Resin Seeds are feminized hybrids of two modern classics, Sour Diesel (the Riri phenotype) and Amnesia Haze (Hy-pro cut). This reworked version of our classic sour flavor offers beautifully resinous buds, hard and conical like the Amnesia parents, with all the kushy terpenes the classic Sour D offered. Due to its hybrid nature of both hazy genetics and indica couch lock attributes, this modern mix has a well-rounded effect, allowing for a comfortable working ¨high.¨ These sour seeds are extremely flavourful, with a kush profile on the inhale the acclaimed sour flavors to follow on the exhale. For optimal results, we suggest a few weeks spent growing the plant in the vegetative phase after germinating to ensure a large yield and maximize time, resources, and space.

Sour P Resin Seeds genetics are also among our favorite picks for extraction, as the high resin content will surprise any gardener whenever they process this strain. Returns of 20%+ are quite common with a standard separation of trichomes. Outdoors, this plant will finish by mid-late Sept in the N. Hemisphere, and when given sufficient time to grow, can easily yield 500 grams or more. Of worthy mention are the colors this strain offers, from dark purple hues to golds, reds, and yellow; the Sour P strain will offer up lovely nugs just waiting to be sampled and maybe even photographed. We sure do hope you send us your best shots!