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Humboldt Seed Company California Octane Fem 5 pk


Type: Indica Leaning Hybrid
Lineage: Dream Queen x I-369 x Papaya
Flower Time: 60 Days; October 1st- 15th
Great Potential
Flavor Profile: Gas Nose 

In stock

In stock


As exotic as they come, the squirt was identified during our 10k plant Phenotype Mega Hunt. Labeled BBMxTang #118, we referenced back to our genetic preservation library and got to work breeding. Three generations later, this Bx3 will consistently squirt mono and sesquiterpenes that last longer than many others. Expect variation in the anthocyanins level but consistency in chemotype, flavor, and nose. The Squirt terps are an extractor’s dream, so grow a lot, you won’t regret it!