If you’re searching for cannabis seeds in Virginia, you should be aware of significant changes to both the current medical cannabis program and the legislation that has already passed for recreational cannabis in Virginia.

Virginia, known for its rich American history and iconic landmarks such as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Cemetery, and the Pentagon, is making history once again with its evolving cannabis legislation.

Cannabis Seeds in Virginia

Virginia residents can now purchase cannabis seeds and cultivate up to four cannabis plants at their personal residence due to the Cannabis Control Act signed into law in 2021 by the Governor at the time, Ralph Northam. Additionally, adults aged 21 and older can have up to 1 ounce of cannabis in their possession for personal use, although it is prohibited for use in public or while driving.

Efforts to establish a recreational marketplace, however, as well as furthering licensing and social equity goals, have been blocked in the House by Republican lawmakers in both 2022 and 2023. The current Governor, Youngkin, is making no effort to pursue the creation of a legalized adult-use market.


Recreational Cannabis in Virginia

While a marketplace for recreational weed is unlikely as long as Youngkin is Governor, it is not expected that he will repeal the Cannabis Control Act. Nevertheless, the scheduled sale of recreational cannabis and cannabis products on or after January 1, 2024, will not occur due to the absence of regulatory and licensing provisions.

Legislative efforts to address regulatory licensing and authorities, and establish a retail market have been thwarted by the Republican-controlled House in the past two years. Thus, dispensaries and retailers are unable to sell adult-use cannabis without these provisions, even though sales were set to become technically legal in 2024.

The law from 2021 left specifics about licensing, taxation, and social equity to be determined, but Governor Youngkin has not prioritized these aspects. As of late 2023, retail sales of cannabis remain illegal in the state of Virginia, and legislative action is required to push through any changes.

Changes to Virginia’s Medical cannabis Program

In a positive development, earlier this year, the governor signed legislation including HB 1846 and SB 1337, which eliminated a requirement that previously stated healthcare practitioners must register with the Board of Pharmacy before issuing patient certifications for medical cannabis. Another legislation, HB 2368, allows practitioners to include a patient’s registered agent to the certification directly, streamlining the registration process.

HB 2368 also includes provisions to increase the availability of CBD-dominant, low THC products while improving the labeling of cannabis products. These changes significantly enhance Virginia’s medical cannabis program, making it easier for residents to access medical cannabis from authorized dispensaries.

Moreover, HB 1598 and SB 788 have transferred the administration and oversight of Virginia’s medical cannabis program to Virginia’s Cannabis Control Authority, effective January 1, 2024.

Current Cannabis Laws in Virginia

As of late 2023, here are the current cannabis laws in Virginia:


  • Adults aged 21 and older can possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis in public.
  • Cannabis can be used in private residences, although homeowners can restrict its use on their property.
  • Each household can grow up to four cannabis plants, provided they are inaccessible to minors and are not visible from the street.
  • “Adult sharing” or transferring 1 ounce or less of cannabis between adults 21 and over without remuneration is allowed.


  • Possession of over 1 ounce of raw cannabis flower is illegal.
  • Minors under 21 cannot consume, possess, or purchase cannabis.
  • Selling, distributing, or possessing cannabis with the intent to sell or distribute is illegal.
  • Smoking cannabis in public, while driving, in a vehicle, or as a passenger in a vehicle is prohibited.
  • Driving with an “open container” is illegal.
  • Possessing cannabis on school grounds is illegal.
  • Manufacturing cannabis concentrates from home-cultivated cannabis plants is illegal.

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