Any true pot smoker knows what a bong is, although not every cannabis connoisseur is aware of the differences, and potential health benefits, of taking a rip off of a bong compared to smoking a joint or hitting a pipe.

What is a Bong?

A bong is a type of pipe, a smoking device, that uses water to filter and cool the smoke. This produces a cleaner tasting and potentially healthier smoking experience. The principle behind this is due to the fact that the smoke is first pulled through a water chamber which bubbles up when inhaling. The bubbling water acts as a filter for the smoke, pulling out fine particulate matter, including ash and tar, and simultaneously cools down the heat of the smoke.

Many smokers who love consuming their marijuana through a bong believe that it is healthier, although there is some debate on the subject. Any filtration method is better than smoking without any filter at all, such as smoking a joint, a blunt, or a straight pipe that does not use water. Although any form of combustion smoking, putting fire to your weed, create some sort of risk that each individual must weigh for themselves.

Marijuana lovers that are hypervigilant about any adverse risk from inhaling smoke may prefer to consume their cannabis through other methods such as vaping, edibles, tinctures, or oils.

Studies and Results of Water Filtration when Smoking Marijuana

Studies on the subject of various smoking methods and how they affect the lungs have been researched for decades. One such study published by the American Psychological Association in 1976 showed that smoking through devices with a water pipe removed active principles from marijuana smoke before it reached the lungs. Another study published in 1993 by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, MAPS, on the Effects of Water Filtration on Marijuana Smoke concluded that a number of toxic substances were removed as cannabis smoke passed through the water or some other type of wet surface.

These studies and others conclude that water filtration can be highly effective in removing some harmful components from cannabis smoke, which are known toxicants, while still allowing THC to flow through relatively intact. Many pot smokers who are concerned about potential health implications from smoking often consider changing their inhalation method to using a bong.

Smoking marijuana with a flame, combustion smoking, produces dangerous carcinogens and toxins any way you look at it. Filtering smoke with water catches some of these harmful substances before breathing them directly into your lungs. Any method to reduce the number of substances reaching your lungs is a good thing, particularly for regular smokers.

Other Benefits of Smoking with a Bong

Filtering out harmful substances is one of the greatest benefits of smoking with a bong and water filtration, although many bong users attest to other pleasurable experiences as well. Because the water cools the temperature of the smoke before it reaches the lungs, smokers get a smoother, cooler, and better-tasting hit. Because of this, bong users sometimes feel they get higher from bong hits, although studies show you do not actually get more THC from bong rips. The feeling of getting higher from bong hits may be due to the fact that because the smoke is cooler, you can inhale more without coughing and feel the effects quicker.

If you haven’t yet tried to consume your cannabis with a bong, it might be something that you should try to enjoy a more flavorful, cooler hit and a gentler smoking session. Because of the use of water and the size of most bongs, they are typically used at home. You might still want to keep your bowl or rolling papers handy when on the road or away from home.

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