It’s 420 somewhere, and for lovers of high-quality auto fems, it’s 420 all day long when you’ve got the best strains from 420 Fast Buds. 420 Fast Buds have made a name for themselves with potent and delicious autoflower strains with multiple cannabis cups for breaking records and setting standards worldwide.

Here are four of our top picks from 420 Fast Buds:

Gorilla Cookies Auto

This is notably the most awarded and best-selling Fast Buds strain of all time, boasting a whopping 27-28% THC and low CBD. Gorilla Cookies is a balanced hybrid of Indica and Sativa and performs very well grown indoors or outdoors with reliability and resilience to the elements and a quick flowering time of about 10 weeks.

Enjoy intense resin production with high THC levels evident in the sparkly white trichome-covered, dense, chunky buds. Bright orange hairs with shades of light and dark green give bag appeal to the resin-covered frosty flowers. Smoking Gorilla Cookies gives an intense head rush with feelings of euphoria and a relaxing body buzz.

Grow Gorilla Cookies seeds from The Seed Cellar in soil that has good water retention but also drains well, such as a mix of perlite, coco coir, and worm castings for optimum nutrient uptake and drainage. Use full-spectrum LED lights for 18 to 20 hours per day, and make sure to provide nitrogen-rich nutrients during the vegetation stage and a bloom-rich formula with high phosphorus and potassium during the flowering stage.

Banana Purple Punch Auto

Growers go bananas over 420 Fast Buds’ Banana Purple Punch seeds with an overwhelming banana taste and a candy-like terpene profile. Enjoy this fruity and delicious, solid Indica strain with about 25% Sativa in just about eight weeks of flowering time.

This high-yielding, resilient strain is a great choice for beginners as it doesn’t need much for big yields as long as you use good quality nutrients. You’ll fall in love with the beautiful buds mixed with pink, purple, and magenta hues and bright orange hairs, and the touch of citrus, strawberry, and banana on inhale. The tropical fruity, mouth-watering smell tantalizes your nostrils and makes for exceptionally tasty extracts and hash.

Banana Purple Punch produces dense buds, so you may want to tie down the branches to increase light penetration and improve airflow, although the strong branches may support her dense buds without much help. Improving airflow, however, helps to prevent mold and pests and allows buds to reach their maximum density. Defoliate the bushy foliage gradually throughout the growth cycle. Learn more about this amazing purple strain from Sebastian himself with his Banana Purple Punch Strain Review.

Pineapple Express Auto

Ranked as one of 420 Fast Buds’ dopest of dopes, this highly stable, easy-going original strain is a great autoflower choice for beginners. Have plenty of room for this tall, Christmas tree-like plant that can reach full maturity in about 9-10 weeks. You won’t be disappointed with insane yields and mouth-watering tropical terpenes in sweet and sour pineapple flavors. This is a balanced Indica-Sativa hybrid for a relaxing and peaceful high that smells like it’s been soaked in a fruit smoothie.

Make space for this tall reaching lovely lady and feed her adequately while watching pH levels. Climb aboard the balanced high of Pineapple Express for a simultaneously stimulating and relaxing effect, great for artistic inspiration in a tropical fruity relief.

Forbidden Runtz Auto

This Indica dominant hybrid grows well indoors or outdoors with extraordinary yields in just about 9-10 weeks. Enjoy high-quality buds in a short amount of time with delightful aromas and flavorful blends of rich terpenes. Forbidden Runtz Auto delivers a balanced Sativa, cerebral high before transforming into an Indica in-da-couch feeling for enjoying your favorite movie.

Light orange hairs are spaced around pointy spear-shaped, resin-covered buds with swollen calyxes in a green-whitish color. The most demanding consumers love this hard-hitting strain with an impressive 26% THC and a strong smell. Use bamboo stakes or a scrog net to support the branches lined with dense nugs and slightly defoliate to improve light and airflow in between buds.

You can get Forbidden Runtz and all 420 Fast Buds’ best strains from The Seed Cellar, delivered in original breeder packaging with a germination guide. The Seed Cellar is rooted in Michigan, was instrumental in the Michigan cannabis movement, and offers a brick-and-mortar store with live customer support. Check out our more than 3,000 strains from over 80 breeders, including 420 Fast Buds and their famous autoflowering line.