Purple weed strains are a favorite among cannabis lovers for many reasons; the beautiful hues of light lilac, from violet to deep purple, are visually stimulating in addition to the rich flavor and potent effects. Purple strains have been around for a while, and breeders have been perfecting their cultivation techniques to enhance purple pigmentation across a variety of cultivars.

Purple Cannabis Strain Origins

Purple Haze is one of the long-time favorite purple strains, although the origins of this violet colored hue are not crystal clear. Some think it originated in Thailand, others believe purple haze came from Columbia during the hippie days of the ’60s. Two breeders in particular did play a pivotal role in stabilizing the purple genetics, however, and that credit is owed to Sam the Skunk Man and the Haze Brothers. Weed lovers get excited about purple strains for good reason, as they are thought to possess superior quality regarding the effects and chemical makeup.

Purps tend to be Indica dominant, although purple hybrids can also provide an uplifting effect. Most purple strains provide deep relaxation with a heavy sedative effect similar to typical Indica strains. Beautiful plum-colored cannabis plants are here to stay, and many breeders are experimenting with a multitude of strains and crosses to create an entire spectrum of shades of purple.


Purple Cannabis Strain Breeding Techniques

Advanced breeding techniques have contributed to a wide range of the best purple cannabis strains of varying color, aroma, and potency. Breeders are crossing purple strains with other purps, autoflowers, and favorite cultivars to develop exciting shades of pinks, reds, and violets that stand out against vibrant green fan leaves.

Mother nature plays a role in the development of purple cannabis hues, as these strains tend to produce beautiful royal colors as part of a natural evolutionary response to a colder environment. Understanding the growing habits and requirements for successful purple strain cultivation is key to success. Tips from experienced growers include:

  • Understand your variety – it’s important to know exactly what you’re growing, whether your cannabis seeds will produce a tall plant or a bushy plant. You should always be aware of this before you plant to best accommodate your growing space.
  • Use the proper lighting – the sun, or grow lights, provide the energy source your plants need to synthesize carbohydrates and other critical chemicals. Make sure your plants have the right amount of light exposure at least 8 to 10 hours a day.
  • Train your plants – training is an important technique that boosts your bud production and works well on purple strains too. The more you work with the plants, the better you’ll get at this, topping and twisting your branches to direct the plant to perform as you expect is one of the best ways to maximize yield.
  • Do not plant your seeds too close together – you don’t want to pack your plants to close together, especially bushy plants. Make sure you allocate ample space to allow for good airflow. Crowded plants in a humid environment tend to create mildew and attract disease.
  • Focus on proper fertilization – high-yielding strains demand a higher nutrient ratio. Be sure to fertilize with the right amounts of N-P-K, particularly in the vegetative stage.
  • Reduce temperature in the last two weeks – this stimulates a typical response that occurs in nature and autumn, which enhances anthocyanin production. The purple color in purple cannabis strains is caused by anthocyanins, the flavonoids that give a vibrant purple, blue, and red hue to fruits and vegetables. Anthocyanins can be found in plums, blueberries, eggplants, and elderberries, for example, and are also responsible for autumn leaves changing color. Anthocyanins cause a display of colorful shades depending on the acidity in the plant’s growing environment.
  • Harvest after a period of darkness – it is best to harvest your cannabis plants after a 12 to 48-hour period of darkness. This depletes the plant’s energy reserves and its ability to synthesize chlorophyll which provides the green color and can promote a color shift.

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