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Community Psychedelic Meeting: Guest Speaker Lucia Pavone


Every month we host community psychedelic meetings free to the public. Our goal is to promote informed discussions, educate, and create a community. A community where both those just becoming interested in psychedelics and seasoned psychonauts can come together to share accurate information to destigmatize and normalize the conversation around psychedelics within the community. You can sign up for the meeting here: 

This month we are having a guest speaker, her name is Lucia Pavone. I was looking to find like minded community members in the psychedelic family and that is exactly what happened upon meeting Lucia. I first met Lucia at the Detroit Psychedelic Society Conference. Her warm welcoming charm was one I will never forget. Everytime I am around her I am reminded to stand strong in my powerful, cozy, sensual, feminine energy. And to not dim my light. I am excited for Lucia to share her profound knowledge about Somatics, Sexuality, and psychedelic mushrooms. It is going to be a beautiful journey of connecting the Mind, Heart, Body, and Spirituality.

Lucia Pavone

A little more about Lucia:

Lucia Pavone, Pleasure instigator, Permission grantor, is a Somatic Sex Educator and Sacred Dao Pelvic Practitioner. She wears many hats including international speaker, MushWomb Strega, Temple Priestess, and instructor of the art of sensual pleasure. But, her most prized role is being a mother.

Lucia is dedicated and passionate about supporting people to embody their sensuality and love their juicy bodies, so they can free themselves from shame, sexual and ancestral traumas AND have gratifying relationships and a sex life worth bragging about.

The daughter of Sicilian immigrants, her personal journey of healing ancestral, sexual, and religious trauma has guided her life’s purpose. An eternal seeker, she is inspired by Spirit to travel the world, embodying the wisdom of the Divine Feminine, knowledge of ancient temples, Oracles, and ancestral wisdom. She brings all of this to share in Community, so that we may begin to experience planetary healing.

20 years ago, she took her first sensuality course and realized the pursuit of pleasure and supporting healing in others was her calling. She became a dedicated researcher of communication, relationships, sex and sensuality. Busting through the limitations put on a woman’s orgasm, she’s experienced over 6,000 hours of Deliberate Embodied Orgasm (full body, extended orgasm).

Lucia Pavone

In 2017, Lucia teamed up with the late Dr. Juan Acosta Urquidi, neuroscientist/ shaman, to research the effects of full body, extended orgasm. Preliminary findings of QEEG readings showed that the brain goes into a hypnagogic state, much like when we use psychedelics. Making the correlation, she understood the important healing properties of sacred Earth technologies and integrated psilocybin mushrooms into her client sessions.

Lucia believes that by experiencing the universe through sensual gratification, pleasurable communication, and a woman’s orgasm, life has infinite possibilities.

Alina DeRossett