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Saving Columbian Gold; Koby Organics Santa Marta Columbian Gold Strain Report Pt. 2

Welcome back! In our last report we dove into the origins, germination process and the beginning life cycles of these seeds. This time we’re focusing on the art of breeding, what lollypopping is and why growers take this step in their process. 
As promised, the final part of our Santa Marta Columbian Gold seed pack giveaway is posted below. 
Enjoy 🙂
“In our last post we stopped at flowering. We ended up with 3 males and 3 females. We have continued the sane regimen of 2 days feeding nutrients and 5 days watering making sure to flush the plants every 30 days. There are two areas of this post that we will hit on. Breeding and lollypoping. When we noticed the male pollen sacs, we then isolated the 3 males. After a week or so we decided on the one we would use to breed. Out of the three, one was smaller and not very vigorous, another was huge with multiple branches, and the one we used fell in between these other two. A good strong well formed plant with structure. I also look at smell and a shiny almost oily look and feel. This one met the standards. It takes a week or so, maybe a bit longer for the pollen sacs to open. I always collect it on the shiny side of aluminum foil. It is easier to see. After collecting, I fold up the foil and store it in a baggie in the refrigerator until I am done collecting. At that point I start breeding. These plants flower in the 10 – 14 week period. Out of the three females, I chose the one that was flowering the best at this point. All three of the female plants even after topping three times are well over 5ft with 8 main stalks now instead of one. Topping is so important indoors. I use a small brush and choose my areas on the plant to breed. After a couple of weeks, I can see the plant has seeds growing. Continue to feed water and flush.
The other topic was lollypoping. By removing all of the leaves and branches on the bottom of the three females. We do this because light does not hit the lower branches and the buds do not form well. By removing these leaves and branches it will allow the buds up higher to get the nutrients and grow larger instead of wasting it on the lower growth. I cleaned these off about 12 – 18 inches. You can see this in the photos if you are unfamiliar with with this technique.
As we head toward harvest, there will be 10 – 14 weeks of flowering. Some will finish quicker. This is why patience is necessary. With the females we grew, we had one done in 10 weeks. You will see in the photos that one of the plants even after topping three times is well over 7ft. It continues to grow. This one is clearly a longer flowering plant.  Remember to keep plants clean of dead materials, leaves and branches. Keep feeding until harvest time, and then after 70% – 80% of hairs on buds are red, it is time to do the final flush. After that final flush, give the plant nothing but water for two weeks. Do not skip this step as it will affect taste. Just do it. When this is complete, put the plant in 48hrs of darkness before cutting it down. This activates the cannabinoids in the plant by creating this shock effect. After cutting down, dry and cure. These plants will produce a massive amount of great quality smoke. Treat it right and enjoy the finished product.
To dry and cure the plants can be done by doing the following.
After trimming off all fan and stem leaves, hang the plant upside down in a dark place. Closet, room, etc.  Depending on the room temperature, you will need to let the plant hang until the leaves around the buds are dry. This will take a few days depending on plant size and even room humidity. When the plant gets to this point, it is time to cut the buds off and trim them to your appeal. We suggest curing and storing in glass jars. After trimming your buds, put them in Mason jars and start by leaving them laid out to dry for 8 – 12 hours the first day or two and then cutting that time of being laid out in half daily after that until you are sure ut is all dry. It will then be important to burp the jar and give it a shake daily for a couple of weeks. At that point, you will gave some of the very best cannabis in the world. Please share this strain in clone or seed wherever and wherever you can. It is of benefit to many people in many ways.”
-Koby’s Organic’s 
Enjoy all these amazing grow tips for your journey in cultivating Santa Marta Columbian Gold from Koby’s Organics. The final part of our seed pack giveaway is posted below, and we thank you for participating!
Please answer the questions to to be placed in the drawing for a regular 10 pack of Santa Marta Columbian Gold seeds.
  1. How many weeks does it take for Santa Marta Columbian Gold to flower? 
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Winner will be contacted at the end of February!

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