420 Fast Buds

You can get 420 Fast Buds strains from The Seed Cellar for fast autoflowering, extremely potent, and remarkably delicious genetics. Get Fast Buds’ famous autos like Gorilla Cookies, Banana Purple Punch, Pineapple Express, and Forbidden Runtz, and see why auto fems can be just as potent as other fems when you grow with quality 420 Fast Buds seeds.

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420 Fast Buds

420 Fast Buds was founded in Spain in 2010 and has a history of working closely with experienced Californian breeders. They have been breaking records and setting standards across the globe for developing high-quality, fast, and potent autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds. Sebastian and his team at Fast Buds have multiple achievements and are winners of many titles in existing worldwide cannabis cups.

Known for specializing in the development of unique autoflowering strains, 420 Fast Buds is a leading cannabis seed bank that quickly made a name for themselves in the industry by producing top-quality autoflowering strains. Fast Buds is known for bringing American genetics in autos and breaking THC levels for autoflowers worldwide.

420 Fast Buds: Excellence and Education

With a solid reputation for excellence, 420 Fast Buds are active participants in the most important cannabis events worldwide, gaining recognition and attention with multiple awards. Fast Buds is the proud winner of the most prestigious international autoflower cannabis awards, such as the Autoflower World Cup, POTY, American Autoflower Cup, Autoflower Cannabis Cup, and many others.

Fast Buds does a great job of educating growers and consumers with an all-informative YouTube channel with tips and tricks and in-depth information on all strains. See personal reviews on all Fast Buds seeds and learn the most potent autoflower strains on the market, how to avoid the most common mistakes when growing, the top 5 purple autoflowering strains, and more. As Sebastian always says, it’s 420 somewhere, and you can make it 420 anytime you want with the best quality 420 Fast Buds autoflower cannabis seeds.

420 Fast Buds Feminized Autoflower Seeds

Get your favorite 420 Fast Buds seeds at The Seed Cellar, with more than 60 options for these unique and powerful, one-of-a-kind cannabis seeds. Some of the most popular Fast Buds’ strains, like Gorilla Cookies Auto, pack a potent punch with a whopping 27-28% THC and frosty trichome-covered, resin-rich buds. 420 Fast Buds changed the way we look at autos and did away with the thinking that they just aren’t as powerful as other feminized strains. This is no longer true with high THC, potent autos like Gorilla Cookies and Forbidden Runtz coming in at an impressive 26% THC.

Fast Buds Seeds at The Seed Cellar

Get your favorite 420 Fast Buds seeds at the Seed Cellar, one of the largest online weed seed banks with a wide selection of more than 3,000 strains from over 80 different, carefully selected breeders. The Seed Cellar is rooted in Michigan and is one of the few online seed banks with a brick-and-mortar store to service walk-in customers as well as online customers. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff provides exceptional personal service to help you choose the perfect cannabis seeds for you. 420 Fast Buds Autos are a great choice for beginners, experienced growers, or commercial cultivators and provide quick flowering time to enjoy high-quality, potent buds, fast.

The Seed Cellar delivers all seeds in original breeder packaging, along with a germination guide, to all 50 states. We have a passion for delivering extraordinary strains to the cannabis community from a family-oriented company that cares about your satisfaction. Check out our wide selection of high-quality marijuana seeds from selected breeders like 420 Fast Buds.