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420 Fast Buds Gorilla Cookies FF Fem 3 pk


Great Potential
500 – 650 gr/m2
Up to 250cm
7 weeks
Sativa 55%/Indica 45%

In stock

In stock


Bred from hand-picked Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4 genetics in combination with our famous Gorilla Cookies Auto, this variety takes all the best traits from its parents to the next level. This wonderfully balanced hybrid thrives indoors and outdoors, and in all types of climates while being super resilient to bugs and pests. It’s a massive yielder that offers growers of all levels yields of up to 650 g/m2 of top-shelf bud that does not disappoint in any way. Being one of the most powerful versions of these genetics, Gorilla Cookies FF (Fastflowering) translates into loads of resin and flavorful terps that make for the best extractions ever. This is the perfect choice for extractors looking for hard-hitting strains that produce exceptional flavors and aromas.
Bud Description Gorilla Cookies FF grows extremely resinous, dense buds with gorgeous dark and light green hues complemented beautifully by the bright orange hairs, giving them that top-shelf appearance that every grower seeks. This feminized photoperiod strain shows off insane amounts of resin that gives literal meaning to the old saying ‘you eat with your eyes’ and reeks of a delicious mix of sweet fruits and cookie dough with a strong earthy background that’ll make your mouth water as soon as you start grinding the buds.

 Being a photoperiod, Gorilla Cookies FF allows you to control its height but can grow up to 2.5 meters tall with a robust and bushy structure that shows its mixed heritage. This variety develops a thick main cola with multiple fat side branches that can withstand the 650 g/m2 yields with no effort at all. It’s one of our tallest and highest-yielders and will surprise you with its easiness to grow and win you over with the top-notch resin quality that reeks of sweet cookie dough and gas.

Grow Tips This is a super fast feminized photoperiod version that takes approximately 7 weeks to flower with a 5-week vegetation cycle,, this means you can have faster harvests by shortening the veg cycle or have a longer veg cycle for bigger yields. Despite the compact appearance, Gorilla Cookies FF (Fastflowering) grows pretty tall so make sure to have enough vertical space as you don’t want to encounter problems during the last few weeks of your grow cycle. It’s highly recommended to LST this strain as it will not only allow better airflow between the buds but also allow light to reach the lower branches, helping you prevent mold and get even better yields.Flavor Gorilla Cookies FF offers an intense, elaborate mix of sweet, kushy, and earthy flavorings that come hand-in-hand with subtle hints of fruit, citrus, and diesel. Upon exhale, expect a spicy, nutty cookie dough taste with a heavy earthy background that rounds up the smoke and smoothes it out. As you exhale, the flavors open up and give place to herbal and more citrusy nuances that are just as delicious and will keep you coming back for more.