Barney's Farm

The Seed Cellar carries the finest cannabis seeds from world-renowned cannabis seed breeder Barney’s Farm, winner of countless Cannabis Cups, Indica/Sativa Cups with popular, potent varieties. Enjoy favorites like Purple Punch, Runtz Muffin, and more with over 80 types of Barney’s Farm seeds available in the U.S. from the Seed Cellar.

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Barney’s Farm

Barney’s Farm seeds come from over 30 years of history since before the founder Derry, started working in the Himalayas in the ‘80s to carefully crossbreed selected marijuana strains from every corner of Asia and the Middle East. He created some of the most prominent seed types available, and if you’ve ever been to Amsterdam, maybe you’ve had the pleasure of visiting Barney’s shop, the go-to spot due to popular, unique cannabis strains.

Barney’s Farm has been known as a pioneer in the cannabis genetics market, working on collecting quality strains and making crosses since back in the 1980s, when finding hybrid strains was rare. Barney’s Farm is dedicated to finding the best cannabis genetics available from every part of the world, with Amsterdam cannabis seed classics, cannabis cup winning strains, and Cali seeds to represent the booming U.S. West Coast market. You can find these marijuana seed types and more with favorites like Liberty Haze, a cannabis cup winning Sativa leaning blend, or Pineapple Chunk, named the Best Indica during the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2009, at The Seed Cellar.

Barney’s Farm keeps many other favorites alive with popular varieties like Critical Kush, Watermelon Zkittlez, Lemon Tree, and more. Too many choices? Contact the helpful staff at The Seed Cellar to help you sort through the many options and get Barney’s Farm seeds to give you the effects that you’re looking for.

Barney’s Farm Feminized and Autoflower Seeds

You can get Barney’s Farm seeds from The Seed Cellar in feminized and autoflowering varieties. Feminized seeds guarantee a female plant every time, eliminating the need to sex your plants and getting your grow off to a productive start. Autoflowers take the guesswork out of the need to alter your light schedule and automatically flip to the flowering stage based on time rather than light. A nice selection of flowering times is available with Barney’s Farm varieties ranging from 6-7 weeks to 10-11 weeks.

Barney’s Farm offers something for every cannabis connoisseur’s pallet with beautiful ladies and exquisite autos in dozens of flavors and aromas like fruity, sweet, sour, kush, cookies, fuel/gas, earth, citrus, berry, lemon, chem, and more. You’ll be amazed at the stunning colors of beautiful marijuana plants grown from Barney’s Farm seeds. It’s no wonder that Barney’s Farm has been in high international demand for more than 30 years. Get Barneys’ Farm seeds in original breeder packaging from The Seed Cellar.

Barney’s Farm Seeds at The Seed Cellar

The Seed Cellar offers over 3,000 different strains from more than 80 breeders, carefully selected for displaying excellence in cannabis genetics. As one of the largest online weed seed banks, we differ from other online seed banks with a storefront in Michigan and a knowledgeable staff to help you with your order. The Seed Cellar is rooted in Michigan, with a background in the Michigan cannabis movement and a desire to provide the highest quality cannabis seeds available.

The Seed Cellar has a passion for providing the most exceptional cannabis strains to the community from the world’s top breeders. Our helpful staff provides responsive customer service to online orders and walk-in customers. Check out the many types of weed seeds online and experience the quality of cannabis seeds from Barney’s Farm.