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Barney’s Farm Blue Sunset Sherb Fem 3 pk


35% Sativa, 65% Indica
Flower Time: 8 – 9 Weeks
Yield: 650 – 700 G
Genetic Lineage: Purple Punch, Sunset Sherbet
Great Potential

In stock

In stock


A popular variety from Barney’s Farm, Blue Sunset Sherbert is a combination of the famous Purple Punch and Sunset Sherbert genetics. It has notes of delicious sweets, and citrus zest, with undertones of wild berries.  This is a perfect flower for novice growers who want to get into growing cannabis since it is easy to grow and offers high yields which are ready in just 10 weeks once flowering starts. It is also good for more experienced growers who want to produce lots of fruit-flavored buds. An attractive quality of this strain is its ability to produce large yields of 650-700g per 11 square feet.  This offers a fruity and sweet smell that can be described as bubblegum mixed with earthy undertones. Blue Sunset Sherbert’s feminized seeds from Barney’s Farm always provide a pleasant experience according to raving user reviews.