Delicious Seeds

You can get Delicious Seeds cannabis seeds from The Seed Cellar, for favorite strains like Cotton Candy Kush, Eleven Roses, and many others. Enjoy tantalizing, top-quality cannabis seeds from this breeder based in sunny Spain right here from one of the largest online seed banks based in Michigan. We offer the best cannabis seeds available from the world’s leading cannabis seed breeders.

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Delicious Seeds

Delicious Seeds are recognized for exclusive genetics with awesome yields and sensational, new flavors. Known for refined feminized and autoflowering seeds, Delicious Seeds stem from a love for the elegance, grace, and beauty of mother nature’s floral gift to mankind, the cannabis plant. Acknowledge the divinity of Mary Jane with a heavy body buzz, mind-blowing cerebral stimulation, or a hybrid combo for the best of both worlds.

With romantic names like Carmelo, you can’t go wrong with the early fem chemovar, she’ll flower early with sativa size and growth potential. A female with sweet skunky back notes, and hints of musk and lavender, Carmelo starts out with a europhic high that mellows out to a pleasant level of relaxation. Whatever type of mind or body experience you’re looking for, Delicious Seeds helps you push open the door to your own garden for divine, mythical-like plants.

Delicious Seeds Feminized Seeds

Delicious Seeds was founded in 2009, although was based on experience in cannabis genetics dating many years before this. With a commitment to offering only the best seeds with exclusive strains such as high CBD, medicinal favorites, regular, feminized, and autoflowers, Delicious Seeds has something for every cannabis connoisseur’s palette.

Delicious Seeds defends a harmonious growth process, offering a selection of resistant and productive seeds for cultivation indoors or outdoors. Feminized and autoflowering seeds are great for beginners who don’t have to worry about sexing your plants and removing pollinating males. Feminized Seeds by Delicious are sure to please your senses of taste, aroma, and sensational experience, all with quick flowering times. When you want only the best of the best cannabis seeds online, Delicious Seeds from The Seed Cellar provide an authentic experience with high-quality cannabis strains from only the highest quality of selected varieties.

The Seed Cellar offers a wide selection of feminized Delicious seeds with more than 30 potent beauties to choose from.

Delicious Seeds at The Seed Cellar

The Seed Cellar shares Delicious Seeds’ commitment to quality over quantity, always focused on delivering only the best cannabis seeds available to our customers. As one of the largest online weed seed banks with more than 3,000 strains from over 80 different breeders, we carefully select the breeders we represent to ensure our customers are getting the best quality of seeds available. You’ll receive all cannabis seeds from The Seed Cellar in original breeder packaging.

The Seed Cellar is rooted in Michigan with a storefront and friendly, knowledgeable staff ready to help our walk-in, phone, & online customers. Our staff was involved in the cannabis movement in Michigan, with a passion to provide only the best marijuana seeds available to medical marijuana patients and cannabis consumers. We offer the highest in quality of pot seeds online from the leaders in cannabis genetics worldwide.

The Seed Cellar is dedicated to displaying excellence in cannabis genetics with a wide selection of high quality regular, feminized, and autoflowering cannabis seeds. Our helpful staff can help you to find the best type of cannabis seeds for you from the world’s top breeders. Check out our selection of quality cannabis seeds from leaders in cannabis genetics like Delicious Seeds.