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Delicious Seeds Black Russian Fem 5 pk


Genetics: Black Domina x White Russian
Type: 80% Indica
Good Potential

Flowering Time: 50-55 days
Yield: 450gr/m2

In stock

In stock


Black Russian is the result of crossing two legendary indicas with medicinal effects; White Russian and a splendid Black Domina mother, a selection of the famous phenotype known as “domina”. The latter is a real jewel and well-known among the best growers across Spain. It’s a very easy plant to cultivate as growth during the start of the flowering phase isn’t excessive. It’s compact yet well-branched, making it one of the great Indica yielders. It produces a large amount of flowers in very dense buds. One of this strain’s most desirable characteristics is that very few leaves grow between the buds. The flowers produce abundant fruity-smelling resin with citrusy and earthy notes probably due to its Afghan ancestry. The taste, which is denser than its smell, is very sweet and citrusy; like a fruit salad with lemon juice.