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420 Fast Buds Amnesia Zkittlez Fem Auto 5 pk


Moderate Potential
 CBD: < 0.5%
 Harvest up to 450 – 600 gr/m2
 Size: XL
 Height US: 28 – 47 inches
 Flowering: 9 – 10 weeks
 Genes: Sativa 75%/Indica 25%
 Genetics: Amnesia Zkittlez Auto
 Autoflowering: Yes

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Genetics: Amnesia Zkittlez Auto
Old-school and modern Cali genetics at their best. With a great grow potential, this outstanding variety offers an unbelievable session that comes packed with an overall sweet and sour fruit cocktail taste that coats your whole mouth and soul all day. Taking around 70 days from seed to harvest, it’s an excellent strain for those who appreciate the time and effort put into breeding as this variety will simply fascinate you with its easiness to grow, beautiful colors, and Ideal structure. This Sativa-dominant hybrid can reach up to 120cm and produce around 600gr/m2 without much maintenance, making it the perfect choice for growers of all levels who are looking for the strongest Sativa auto flowers in the market.
Bud description
Expect mouth-watering tropical fruit salad terps. Amnesia Zkittlez Auto produces elongated dark green buds with light yellow hairs and sometimes a soft pink hue that those who love colored varieties will fall in love with. The charming flowers provide the perfect canvas for this terpene masterpiece. As soon as you break open the flowers you’ll get an extremely sweet n’ sour smell that ranges from pineapple and lemon to papaya and mango with a strong spicy background that will remind you of classic old-school flavors.
Smoke report
A trip to the moon and back. Expect a Sativa surprise early on. Definitely the right choice for musicians and illustrators trying to find inspiration or for consumers with a tolerance just looking to have a good time.
Plant appearance
This easy-to-grow Sativa hybrid will simply fascinate you with the perfect structure and vigorous growth. Amnesia Zkittlez Auto develops a massive main cola that can reach up to 120cm with long side branches and large internodal spacing, clearly showing the time and dedication put into selecting the perfect parent plants. Due to its Sativa heritage, this variety develops beautiful elongated flowers with very few, thin fan leaves that get completely covered in resin and fade into a beautiful lime green color with delicate pink hues nearing harvest.
Grow tips
This variety grows tall and vigorously without extra food, so make sure you have the basics covered and you’ll reap the rewards soon enough. Amnesia Zkittlez Auto develops long and thin branches so make sure to provide support to prevent them from snapping. As your plants start flowering, the delicious terps will overwhelm the whole grow tent so have a carbon filter ready to avoid attracting unwanted attention.
Amnesia Zkittlez Auto hits you in the face with a sweet fruity mix that will take you through the whole spectrum of spicy and fruity terps. On the exhale, the mouth-watering terpene profile translates into a sweet fruity mix that tastes just like a Macedonia fruit cup with a splash of lime juice that gives it a pungent sour background. As you exhale, the spicy terpenes become more prominent and blend in with the fruitiness, giving it an almost creamy-like taste, leaving a delicious citrusy mousse aftertaste that’ll make your mouth water just by thinking about it.

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