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420 Fast Buds Mexican Airlines Auto-Fem 3 pk


Good potential
Genes: Mostly Sativa
Genetics: Colombian x Mexican autoflowering
Flowering: 10 weeks
Harvest: XL
Height US: up to 50 inches
CBD: Low

In stock

In stock


A perfect combination of Colombian and Mexican sativas, making it the purest sativa strain we have to offer. Those who live in hot and humid climates will appreciate it’s resistance to mold and ability to withstand harsher conditions.
Bud description
Mexican Airlines produces moderately sized, bright green, super sticky buds. Growers can expect a plethora of trichomes, making this strain an excellent option for making extractions.

Plant Appearance
Mexican Airlines sticks to its Colombian and Mexican Sativa lineage, producing tall plants, reaching up to 120cm, with slender branches and moderate internodal spacing. Growers can expect some rapid stretching right before flowering. Mid-flower, strong citrus scents will start to fill your space, so make sure you have a filter if needed.

Grow Tips
Generally easy to grow for all levels of expertise. Sativa dominant varieties prefer lighter doses of nutrients and this one is no different. Especially during the flowering stage, growers will want to go light-handed with the Nitrogen. Give her a chance to show off her natural structure and go easy on the training, as sativas are more sensitive to stress.

Just as the smell of Mexican Airlines indicates, users will enjoy tokes of spicy lemon flavors with a pine aftertaste. Curing is a must in order to enhance the deep citrus terps.