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420 Fast Buds Mimosa Cake Auto Fem 5 pk


Good Potential

A fast flowering and massive producer of Sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain reaches around 120cm and can yield up to 550gr/m2, rewarding growers with extremely resinous buds in 63 days. This strain offers a strong and well-defined fruity aroma that comes along with extreme sweetness and earthiness. 

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Bud description: The ping-pong ball-sized buds grow mostly light-green with dark-green hues and sometimes exhibit pink highlights that give the buds a hypnotizing appearance and reek of a sweet fruit cocktail with a strong earthy aroma. Thanks to the insane trichome production, it looks like there are trichomes growing on top of trichomes, making the buds look almost fluffy and giving them that sticky look every commercial grower seeks after.

Plant appearance: This strain grows quite tall for an auto flower and develops a tall main cola that reaches up to 120cm, surrounded by multiple side branches that grow upwards at different heights, giving it a pine-like structure. You can expect a bushy plant with relatively small fan leaves and long branches that get completely enveloped in extremely dense buds and can yield up to 550gr/m2, a great auto-flower for all types of growers who are looking for a top-of-the-line harvest without much maintenance or extra efforts.