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420 Fast Buds Original Auto Critical Fem 5 pk


Good Potential
Genes: Mostly Indica
Genetics: Critical Autoflower
Flowering: 10 Weeks
Harvest: 450 – 600gr/m2
Height: 90-140 cm
CBD: Very Low

In stock

In stock


A super reliable, highly resilient, and very easy-to-grow plant, with epic yields of easy-to-trim, citrus pine dense buds.  Original Auto Critical is perfect for beginner growers and those who want abundant harvests of monster-sized yields in a short time. Fast Buds were able to enhance all the desired traits that make Critical so popular, by producing a medium-tall plant that performs incredibly well in a hot climate.  

Bud description
The buds will be compact, yet have a large mass meaning they have the ultimate bag appeal. Upon first inspection, you will notice calyxes bulging with a density that can be squeezed with force. Original Auto Critical will flower with a golden hue from the pistils that are oozing resin making her hash makers delight.

Plant Appearance
When growing, expect plants to reach a height ranging between 90-140cm, meaning growers with limited space may have issues.

Original Auto Critical will grow short compact internodal spacing that will produce dense nugs at every internode, making her a heavy-yielding variety (450-600gr/m2) that may require plant support.  Outdoors this girl performs incredibly well and especially in a Mediterranean climate, where she will grow with a Christmas tree growth structure that is full of dense, frosty buds at every branch. 

Grow Tips
She can be harvested multiple times in a year outdoors and will not require much plant maintenance. Because Original Auto Critical is known for her large yields, using a bamboo cane or a trellis to support the weight of the buds early on is advised. Training this strain in the early stages of growth will increase the number of flowering sites, enhancing production even further!  Due to her large size, training is especially important in cases where space is limited. 

 Original Auto Critical the flavor can be described as a delicious blend of lemon, citrus, and pine, with an earthy aftertaste. On the exhale, there is a strong floral, citrus flavor that is long-lasting and can be enjoyed with every toke. A very unique taste that old-school and new-school growers will love.