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420 Fast Buds Original Auto OG Kush Fem 5 pk


Good Potential
Genes: Mostly Indica
Genetics: Og Kush Autoflowering
Flowering: 9 weeks
Harvest: 450-550gr/m2
Height: 70-110 cm
CBD: Very Low

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The best auto flower strain from Fast Buds Originals! She is easy to grow to make her a wise choice for beginner growers. She has an extremely loud terpene profile consisting of pine, and citrus with an overpowering pungency. A true expression of the world-famous O.G Kush, this autoflowering hybrid will perform with exceeding exceptional results in all types of climates. 

Bud description
Original Auto O.G Kush will produce a heavy set and dense buds that reek with a strong pine fragrance. The calyx is very dense and despite her having a smaller, bulky, and stocky characteristic, her extra loud terpene profile and ridiculous potency certainly make up for it, as well as the insane amounts of frost each bud produces.

Plant Appearance
Original Auto O.G Kush will grow with thin branching and short internodal spacing. Thanks to her indica dominance, her profile will be medium to tall sized where yields of 450-550gr/m2 can be harvested in 63 days. Her easy-to-grow nature makes her a perfect choice for those new to growing autoflowering Cannabis, where she will produce one main central cola, with long thin side branches. 

Grow Tips
Be careful if growing this strain outdoors, when she flowers her terpenes will really begin to stink, so be vigilant of neighbors and the aroma. It is possible to grow Original Auto O.G Kush in cold climates as she is used to the cold California night times. Thanks to her indica heritage, this lady can take a big feeding on a regular basis, so be prepared to increase the strength of your nutrient solution when growing this strain. She will require little maintenance once planted and will finish with a medium tall sized profile. 

The flavor can be described as a profound blend of pine, citrus, and pungent earth. Kush lovers will go crazy for this lady as she coats the palate with a combination of smoky creamy citrus and chemicals with a distinct kerosene overtone.