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420 Fast Buds Original Auto Sour Diesel Fem 5 pk


Good Potential
Genes: Mostly Sativa
Genetics: Sour Diesel Autoflowering
Flowering: 9-10 weeks
Harvest: 450-550gr/m2
Height: 90-120
CBD: Very Low

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An autoflowering West Coast Legend for fuel lovers. World-famous fuel, citrus, sandalwood, and pine flavor that comes with this vintage sativa-dominant hybrid.

Despite her sativa influence, flowering time will only require 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest, making her ideal for growers who want classic, overpowering, pungent, sour terps in a short time frame. She may grow as tall as 120cm in height and will produce long, stacked buds.  An excellent choice for commercial growers and extractors. 

Bud description
Original Auto Sour Diesel has a very jagged bud structure, that could be described as long, yet elongated. The calyx will point outwards like a star formation, with a lime green color behind a silver blanket of trichomes. The nugs are very dense and hard for their large size and have a highly demandable bag appeal. When handling a dry flower, your fingers will quickly become coated in a greasy resin that lingers of pure gas, citrus, and fuel.

Plant Appearance
She can grow on the taller side and reach a height of 120cm due to her sativa influence, where she will grow with medium-sized internodal spacing with a large number of side branches. When flowering, Original Auto Sour Diesel will produce up to 450-550gr/m2 of large-sized nugs, making her a large-producing autoflowering strain.

Grow Tips
Only for experienced growers, it is advised to perform L.S.T on plants for those with limited space.  Tying down her long side branches will also allow the plants to focus her energy on producing huge colas. Extractors will have plenty of leaf and sugar trim to use, so prepare in advance. Outdoors this hybrid performs incredibly well, especially in hotter climate zones. But, she can also handle cold nights well so it can be a good choice for colder climates, and will ripen with a dark purple color, making her even more special looking. This girl likes to drink nutrients but avoids feeding too late during flower to improve the final taste, quality of ash, and overall experience.

The flavor of Original Auto Sour Diesel is a complex mixture of sandalwood, pepper, and earth with notes of sour citrus. A heavyweight in the terps department and a true representation of fuel and gas cultivars.