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420 Fast Buds Pineapple Express Auto Fem 3 pk


Room: Indoor | Outdoor
Gender: Feminized
Genes: Sativa/Indica
Genetics: Pineapple Express autoflowering
Flowering: 9 weeks
Harvest: XL
Height US: up to 55 inches
Height EU: 90 – 140cm
CBD: Low
Autoflowering: Yes

In stock

In stock



Our Pineapple Express is a perfect combination of sensations and flavors, comparable to a fine Brandy or a handmade sports car. A variety created for those who love pleasure and know how to savor every fine morsel of life.


Pineapple Express offers a mixture of unforgettable aromas: ripe fruit, tropical and sweet, very sweet pineapple. Pineapple Express is for those who have hedonistic palates.


Pineapple Express is a feminized and autoflowering strain that can grow large. It’s a great Sativa Indica hybrid and the autoflowering genetics are superb. For this reason, its name contains the word “Express”. A more pronounced effect is apparent in cold countries where the plant floods the cultivation room with exotic and tropical aromas. The intense pineapple smell entices one to take special care of it during the entire harvest as if you were preparing a tasty gourmet cake. Its cultivation is simple, pleasant, and very fast since it will be completely mature within 60 days, and can yield 300 grams per plant (10 oz) when conditions are favorable. It is quite a large autoflowering variety and can reach a height of 140 cm (55 inches).  We recommend 10-liter pots (3 gallons). Plus, it’s fine for novice growers since it only needs special attention to pH and light, but you should judge the plant by its results. This strain does well with added fertilizers except for nitrogen, which you should use in moderation. After the first week of flowering, it starts to build up a coating of resin that, by the end of flowering (which lasts about 54 days), will cover the entire plant.