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420 Fast Buds Stardawg Auto-Fem 5 pk


Good Potential
Gender: Feminized
Genes: Sativa/Indica
Genetics: Stardawg autoflowering
Flowering: 9-10 weeks
Harvest: XL
Height US: up to 40 inches
CBD: Low

In stock

In stock


The prized Chemdawg #4 X Tres Dawg cut collides with FastBud’s unique autoflowering genetics to give rise to a new breed of Stardawg Auto. This robust sativa-indica hybrid is an all-star when it comes to growth and taste.

Bud description
Hall of fame nugs. Boasting a clear green color blended with coats of crystals and orange pistils, oozing with resin that’ll stick to your fingers as you crumble it into your grinder. Outstanding bud for extractions.

Plant Appearance
A robust plant that can grow up to 1.2m in height. Growers can expect a main cola to shoot up, accompanied by widening side branches. A good internodal spacing allows packed clusters of buds to produce girthy colas.  

Grow Tips
Stardawg is ideal for novices and pros alike. She’ll willingly put up with training methods and will be forgiving of the novice’s mistake. Some SOG or LST will be welcome for the more experienced growers. Expect to harvest around week 9 or 10 and make sure to start flushing a couple of weeks before you do so. Growers may want to invest in a carbon filter because she can be quite a strong smelling.

This strain brings strong pine and diesel-like tastes. A sort of bitter, earthy nuance submerges your taste buds, which combined with the strong piney flavors, really gives it a full yet unique spectrum of tastes.